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Two exhibitions in collaboration with the Italian festival of horror and folklore

Autunnonero 2008
Exhibition press release: Original Italian - English translation
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Information in English about Autunnonero: PDF-file

  First exhibition: Genova
Violabox Art Gallery

November 15 - 30.

Opening reception: Nov 15. - 18:00
Invitation: PDF-file
Open hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 15:30 - 19:30

Free entrance.
Address: Via Trebisonda 56, Genova
Facebook event: Link

Exhibition photos & video:

Second exhibition: Savona
Priamar Fortress (Fortezza del Priamar)

December 6 - 30.

Opening: Dec 6. - 16:00
Open hours: All days: 10:00 - 17:00
Also presenting Andrea and Alessandro Scibilia,
authors of the comic "Il Sorriso della Bagiua".

Free entrance.
Facebook event: Link

Information about the fortress: Wikipedia

Exhibition photos:

More information continually added..

The exhibition consist of 23 images.
I will be present on the opening in Genova November 15. Come and say hello!

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