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Since there are so many opinions about what "limited edition" means, I'm going to clarify my thoughts about it. I don't agree with the idea that edition upon edition can be released ad nauseam under pretense of exclusivity, or the opposite extreme that offering a limited edition means forever and unforgivingly restricting an image to that fixed number of physical statements. So regardless of other practices I'm going to define what it means in regards to my pictures, so there will be no uncertainty:

There is one limited edition, consisting of the definitive prints, as I will call them for now, which I continue to perfect, putting my soul and madness in, to make them originals more than "mere prints" - the definitive statement of that particular image. These are not primarily limited by an artificial upper number, but naturally limited, as I continuously find ways of making these more sophisticated and...laborious. I'd like them to be many, but my capacity is limited. Also, the prices of these will increase with time, reflecting the actual amount of work involved, unfortunately leaving some audiences without prints at all..

So there will be secondary, simpler prints too. These will not attempt to compete with my "definitive" prints, or pretend to be fancy limited editions, but will be offered as cheap, simple and unnumbered prints or posters, but still as high quality as printing technology gladly allows to be created with ease today. (But if you are unsure about the differences you should come to an exhibition and see the "definitive" prints that required tireless color calibrating. testing, discarding, reworking, perfectioning..)

These two "categories" of prints will represent my wish to create a number of prints to the best of my ability, attempting to rival the weight and soul of a painting, and my wish to spread my work around, and let everyone, including young people and students be able to afford a picture.

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